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Complete Set of Astrological Bitters


Complete set of all 12 astrological bitters, from Aries to Pisces! This listing is for 12 individual 1 oz bottles.

Individual bottles are available in separate listing.

Please read the FAQ's + ingredients listed by sign below.

Astrological Bitters Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are they?
A. Bitters are herbal tinctures that contain "bitter" herbs, which tend to be aromatic, contain volatile oils, and support the GI tract / liver.* These particular blends are in a base of alcohol (usually brandy or vodka) and spring water, sometimes also some honey.

Q. What do you mean by “astrological”?
A. The bitters I formulated are attuned to each of the astrological zodiac signs. Each blend with contain the following:
~an herb that protects / guards that sign
~an herb that brings that sign back into balance
~an herb that supports the organs & body systems associated ruled by that sign's energy, &
~a gem essence ruled by that sign

Q. How do you take them?
A. They are taken by mouth straight up or in flat or fizzy beverages, including but not limited to cocktails. Dosage is just a few drops by mouth 1 - 3 times daily and / or up to 1 - 3 dropperfuls mixed into water or fizzy beverages.

Q. How do I know which one is best for me?
A. There is no wrong way to work with them! Here are some great options:
~Choose your sun, moon, and/or rising sign - or any other planet’s zodiac home!
~Choose the sign in which the sun or moon currently rests.
~Choose based off of the ingredients - for example if you are drawn to the herbs in a certain blend then maybe there is a reason you need some of that sign's energy in your life right now.

nettles, ginger, vervain, black pepper, clear quartz gem essence, brandy, spring water

nettles, marshmallow root, leaf, + flower, rose petals, rose quartz gem essence, brandy, vodka, spring water

catnip, skullcap, sage, citrine gem essence, brandy, vodka, honey, spring water

chamomile, milky oats, red clover, cardamom, rose quartz + moonstone gem essences, brandy, vodka, spring water

hawthorn berries, motherwort leaves, calendula flowers, lemon, tiger's eye gem essences, brandy, honey, spring water

lavender flowers, lemon balm leaves, skullcap leaves + flowers, lapis lazuli gem essence, brandy, honey

goldenrod flowers, marshmallow root, leaves, + flower, violet flowers, lapis lazuli gem essence, brandy, everclear, spring water

cleavers, rosemary, wormwood, labradorite gem essence, brandy, spring water

dandelion root, peach leaf, sage leaves, red jasper gem essence, brandy + spring water

lemon balm, horsetail, yarrow, smoky quartz gem essence, brandy, spring water

cacao bean, linden leaves + flower, vervain, cardamom, amethyst gem essence, brandy, vodka, honey, spring water

burdock, cleavers, ocotillo, lime, fluorite gem essence, brandy, vodka, everclear, spring water

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease*

Image of Complete Set of Astrological Bitters