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Edgewalker Flower Essence

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Ingredients: essence of thunder, essence of lightning, pink & white yarrow flower essence, brandy,
spring water, rain water

Suggested Use: 5-7 drops 3-5 x daily for energetic grounding + protection + gender affirmation beyond the binary. Helps establish + maintain boundaries from microaggressions, allowing that BS to pass through you like a glass door rather than a web that everything sticks to. Pink yarrow in particular says "return to sender" as one of my flower essence teachers, Martin Bulgerin, taught me. I created this essence with intentions of banishing transphobia, racism + ablism from our bodies.

Date Crafted: 9.6.2017, Virgo Sun & Pisces Full Moon

Sliding Scale Fee: $15 - $25

1 oz glass bottle with dropper drop

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