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Image of The Veil Ancestral Elixir

The Veil Ancestral Elixir


Crafted with intentions of being open to connection with our ancestors, to spirit, & to our guides. Brings us into communion with ourselves as future ancestors, encouraging vision that extends to future generations. Contains herbs for divination, connection, & spiritual protection during ceremony. Working with our ancestors is an old practice observed by cultures & traditions throughout the world.

Some of us know the names & stories of some of our ancestors & some of us do not. Some of our ancestors have been here forever, some came here by choice but without an invitation, & some were forced to come to this land against their will. Some of us were raised by our birth parents & some of us were not. Some of us are estranged from our parents because of who we are or how we love or how they hurt us. Some of our ancestors committed egregious acts of violence against us, against other ancestors, against entire communities & continents of people. And here we are all here together trying to heal the wound while still being in the wound as my beloved friend and teacher Susan Raffo would say.

This is an evolving spell I wrote that I like to use when working with this elixir. It is an offering, feel free to use it if it resonates with you:

“May the ancestors & the beloved dead be pleased. May we be open to receiving their messages, their wisdom, their strength, their love, & their protection. May we remember to offer them our gratitude & our time, to nourish them & to keep them well fed. May we resolve fiercely to make amends for consequences that came from abandoning the old ways. May we work with our ancestors on our side to protect this precious planet, and to enter into right relationship with one another. May we engage with ancestral work on a deep level - without shortcuts, bypasses, or pedestals. May we cast our spells at the intersections of where we have been harmed and where we have been complicit within systems of domination, having harmed others. May we hold space for the parts and the whole. May we seek to be a good ancestor.”

Ingredients: cottonwood, garden sage, mugwort, brandy, vodka, honey, bloodstone + petrified wood gem essence, elder flower essence

1 oz bottle with dropper top

$15 - $25 sliding scale fee

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Note the pictures are from an older batch / formula.

Image of The Veil Ancestral Elixir
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