Sassafras Healing Arts

Shipping & Handling Options & FAQ's

Pick Up

Local Loves - did you know that you can use the discount code "PICKUP" when checking out to save money on shipping & handling? Skip sending me to the post office & instead just come by my home apothecary in South Minneapolis (Occupied Dakota Territories) to pick up your order in person!

Address is sent to your inbox after purchase.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling is charged at check out. Orders are sent out within 1 week of purchase through the United States Postal Service. Tracking numbers will be sent to your inbox once your order ships.

Please note:

  • I am not able to replace lost or damaged shipments. This has never actually been an issue for me because I wrap things really well when I send them, but it's important to be up front about with y'all because I can't be responsible for what the USPS does with your package once it leaves my hands.
  • You might see a difference between what you paid for shipping & handling & what the actual cost of shipping was for your order (visible on your package when you receive it). This is because shipping & handling includes handling - meaning the costs of materials to safely package your herbal supports as well as the time I spend processing, packaging, & shipping out orders.